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SN-011153  |  CAMMA / BACCI /BARSANTI / COMPLETE LINE  |  Total Lines (Tile/Slab)
Year of Mfg:    Good Condition    Region: ITALY
Description:: The COMPLETE TILE LINE for 17" x 17" MARBLE Tile: This TILE LINE comes with: ; 2007 BACCI multible disc cross cut... Read More
$ 110,000
Comment: Start your own Tile Line today!
SN-011229  |  SIMEC RLM  |  Total Lines (Tile/Slab)
Year of Mfg:    Good Condition    Region: MIDWEST
Description:: SIMEC Calibrator Line:   Includes: ; SIMEC Rapid 3500 53-H2 automatic loader ; SIMEC 200/RLM350 L-P (BA107)a... Read More
$ 885,000
Comment: Need to start a Line for Tile or Slabs? Call me!
SN-011343  |  SIMEC CONVEYOR  |  Total Lines (Tile/Slab)
Year of Mfg: 2013    Good Condition    Region: NORTHEAST
Description:: The SIMEC CONVEYOR'S: ; 6 Conveyors (160 RLM/350 L-P) ; 1 Loading Table (RB-M/300 RM) ; 1 Moving Table (200 RLM/35...
$ 75,500
Comment: Capable of conveying slabs, strips and tiles.
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